It’s a Deal!

Who doesn’t love a Deal!? I think we all do. Most people now days try to shop deals to save money and its also a thrill to know that you purchased an item so much cheaper! When I see something I want the first thing I do is look online, just a normal Google search of the item which leads to a variety of places that carry the item. Then you compare prices and shipping time depending on how soon you want or need your item. For example, I knew I wanted a leather jacket with fabric sleeves (biker look). Well I priced them and I was not trying to pay $150! So I found this jacket by Aeropostale on Ebay, winning! I was open to different types of fabric that looked expensive without the expensive cost!


Another type of deal I like is shopping the clearance rack! Sometimes when I go to a store the first place I go is to straight to the back where it says “Clearance” or “Sale”! You may find something you weren’t necessarily looking for but could use. When seasons change that is the best time to shop for bargains! Just last year as Spring began I found two pairs of over the knee boots in black and brown and some peep toe ankle booties for $5 bucks each! Now that’s a deal! They definitely came in handy with this iffy NC weather. You can also find sweaters, jackets and long sleeved tees marked down as well.


So don’t be afraid to shop clearance, that’s your best chance to stock up for the next season!


Jacket – $16

Pants- $3








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