Look Great, shop Cheap

Looking expensive does not always mean breaking the bank. I’ve been told numerous times that I “look expensive” or have expensive taste. Why thank you!    But what they didn’t know was I paid $3 for a pair of heels and someone gave me the jacket and the shirt and jeans were on sale!  It’s not about how much you pay it’s about how you well you put the outfit together. Thrift shopping has made that all possible, sometimes you find nice pieces to go with what you already have and a simple jacket or pair of shoes can make or break your look.

Even some celebrities with all the money they have thrift shop! It’s about style and what catches your eye. There have been plenty of times I’ve seen celebrities in top name brand clothing but it was not appealing to me nor did it flatter the person wearing it. No shade, . The point is no matter if it’s Gucci, Alexander McQueen if doesn’t flatter you or fit your style why bother. Go to the nearest thrift and find your style, no matter the name brand. Meagan Good stated in an article she loves wearing vintage jackets paired with a cute pump and some jeans. Also she prefers a basic white v-neck from Target or American Eagle. That’s her style and she wears it quite well.  How simple is that?


Know what flatters your body. Thrift stores carry it all from name brand to non-name brand it’s not about the price it’s about the YOUR style.






15 thoughts on “Look Great, shop Cheap

  1. Very good point about some celebrities who spends thousands of dollars on a look that looks terrible. Its all about sense of style! Great post!


  2. Great article! I really love shopping at thrift stores. I often end up wearing those pieces more than the ones that I’ve bought from a store. lol Also, if you really like something at the thrift so but it doesn’t fit just right – you can always take it in or bring it to a tailor.


  3. This makes a lot of sense to me. I can see why you would go check it out and I have heard that celebrities do that but I just haven’t been as diligent as I should have!


  4. My daughter is good at putting together stunning thrift store looks. You’re right, there’s no reason to spend a lot of money when you can look terrific without it!


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