Go with the FLOrals !

Spring is here! Which means ladies are wearing their dresses and skirts, bright colors and flip flops! The one thing that represents Spring besides the pollen, lol, are the the flowers! Seeing the flowers blossom in many colors and growing on the trees officially says Spring Time to me. Flowers are making an appearance now on skirts, shirts, dresses and even flip flops/sandals! I personally like the flower flip flops.

On a recent trip to the thrift store I saw lots of dresses with floral prints, even pants and skirts. Tube dresses, spaghetti straps, short and long dresses. There are many ways to wear floral prints. The biggest trend I see now is mixing florals and stripes and I love it! It stands out and its very different, nothing you would normally see on the average person, but hey I’m not average! I have not tried this style myself just yet(working on an outfit) but once I find the perfect shirt to go with my floral skirt I will definitely share!  I would be sure each piece has some type of the same colors in each or at least compliment each other in some way.  With dresses to mix it up maybe try a button up stripe shirt over it, even a small striped jacket. Take a chance, step out of your norm. If its a style you like try it! No two people have the same dress style, we all like what we like, that’s what makes us unique!

If you’re unsure of how pieces will look together try them on, take pics and even type in keywords on Pinterest to find similar outfits. Follow my board for more ideas on how to find great outfit ideas!




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