Diva’s in Denim!

I think we all love the denim look! Wouldn’t you agree? Everyone has a pair of jeans in their closet and maybe even a jean jacket. My mom was telling me the other day if I see a jean jacket in her size at the thrift store grab it! She wants to wear it with some of her summer dresses. Jeans just go with everything for all seasons.

I like to wear a jean jacket over a tank dress or just to go over a tank top. I also have 2 different types of denim shirts one is dark wash and the other is a lighter wash. The dark wash I actually received for free at a clothing drive and its by Mossimo! (link below to purchase) Can we say Winning!?  I sometimes wear either of those shirts over a spaghetti strapped dress or over a tank and some jeans. Denim on Denim is the in look this year!

You can mix and match the denims or just wear it over dresses and tanks, however you want your look to flow. There is no right or wrong way to wear denim. I’ve also seen denim shirt dresses and tank dresses that are trending now. Check out my Pinterest for more looks in denim! (dakeitab81)

How do you wear your denim??










5 thoughts on “Diva’s in Denim!

      1. Hey Deeva! Just click on the link and read the post. You’ll find more info there. Have fun! 🙂


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