Breakin All the Rules!

Memorial Day is around the corner but who says you have to wait until then to wear white? Not I! The person that wrote that rule obviously wasn’t a true fashionista!  I don’t like following the rules when it comes to dressing. Who says you have to match your shoes with your top or your earrings? Or that white is only meant to be worn during the summer months? I think all colors should be worn any time of the year.

When I decided to wear those colors it had basically come down to me saying okay whatever ! The colors match why not? Who gonna check me boo?? No one will actually tell you that something doesn’t match even if in the back of their mind they feel like it doesn’t. I’ve seen different patterns/prints mixed and thought to myself that doesn’t go together but when I continued to look at it I was convinced that it did blend well! My fashion goal is to step outside my box and be more creative with my looks, mixing more prints and more color blocking.

Sometimes you just have to go to the closet and just put somethings together. Try them on, lay them out on the bed, send pics to friends if you need feedback. You know how we ladies buy things but then don’t have anything to wear with it, well this may  be the time to try a new outfit and walk out the door feeling confident! Show your creativity in your outfit!


Pants-$10      Top-$6      Purse-$9     Shoes- FREE



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