Bright and Bold!

Spring is here but summer is around the corner! So that means flowers, bunnies, the beach and bright colors. Bright colors often start peeking out in the spring  and summer months. When you think of it being hot outside you think of yellow, orange, pink all the colors that represent Spring and Summer; and colors that are show cased in most stores as it warms up.

This Memorial Day was awesome, celebrating the long weekend, going to the beach and seeing family. Many wore the USA colors in honor of that day. Some of us wore bright and bold colors and patterns that absolutely shout Spring.

Finding the right colors that compliment your skin tone can be a challenge sometimes. I personally like peaches, corals and pinks. I have started to look at solid yellows and limes but not too bold.   It took me a while to get used to the dress I’m wearing in the picture, lime and royal blue(which is my favorite color and it has a pattern.  But I really like the comfort  and the style of it .   I received so many compliments on it as well.  As you can see my family loves patterns and bright colors!  What’s your favorite Spring/Summer color and pattern?






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