The American Dreamer




It’s been quoted before “Living the American Dream” but what is the “American Dream?” There is no one or correct answer to this question, it all varies in our eyes and mind. Some would love to have the perfect life, a really nice car and have tons of money. Those are all great to have, but what is it the dream?

Growing up I wanted all of those things and more. But as you become older you realize that life is more than that. As a teen I was not able to choose too many of my clothes growing up in a strict household. I was told what to wear and how to dress as a preachers kid. It sucked that I could not dress the way I wanted to. I understand now why I was not allowed to wear what I wanted, for one I didn’t have a job to purchase my own clothes and two I was to present myself as a young respectable lady. The clothing I wanted to wear did not represent that, but hey I was young trying to fit in.

Now as an adult of course I dress the way I want. However my taste has greatly changed over the years. I pick and choose clothes that are suitable to my skin tone, my shape and that expresses who I am as a person and definitely on a budget!  I often feel you can get an idea of how someone is by the way they dress, in some cases. The styles I wear fits who I am and speaks for my character. My American Dream is to one day help others find their style on a budget thru personal styling and shopping and to own a boutique that is affordable to all. Each day I am growing closer to that goal as I continue to find ideas and work towards them. We all have dreams that we would like to meet one day, but it takes time, patience and prayer.


What is your American Dream? Share your story.



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30 thoughts on “The American Dreamer

  1. I love your American Dream! Fits well with the purpose of your blog. My dream is to help everyone teach financial freedom. I live this dream daily by teaching others about budgeting, saving, investing and having fun while being financially responsible.

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  2. My dream is to own a modest home on acreage (not limited to the U.S.) so that we can garden and have several projects going; playhouses for the kids and a few chickens.


  3. I guess you can say I am living the American Dream… husband, child, house with fence… My biggest dream would to be a professional makeup artist full-time and to blog full-time.


  4. I think the American Dream is being able to define your own dream and blaze your own trail – not necessarily conforming or trying to fit into a box. Wishing you much success on your journey to one day owning your own boutique!


  5. Just saw this when searching “American Dream” on the reader. Love your piece. I hope you accomplish all of your dreams and goals. I always felt like I was trying to borrow from other girls styles growing up and never truly found my own. So many young women probably feel like that. Helping young ladies or even grown women find “their” style can have such a great impact and wide reach!


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