Lucky Duck




Some may think going to the thrift store is where you find old, smelly and out of date clothing. That’s what I initially thought. I turned my nose to the thought of wearing some strangers previously worn clothing. On top of the fact that  I’m OCD!!!  The first time I went thrifting I was turned away by the different smells of everyone’s clothing mixed and not knowing what I was doing basically. Clothing sorted by colors kind of distracts me as well, I know that’s weird, lol.  But after a few more trips I got the hang of it!


Thrifting not only saves money but it also helps you to have patience. You have to look through the clothing to find something that catches your eye and find your size. Going to various thrift stores you do find name brand clothing and some times brand new clothing with tags! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found clothes in my size(petite) with the tags still on them and they were name brand! Its almost like a treasure hunt with no particular item in mind that you’re looking for. Sometimes its hit or miss but it won’t hurt to try.  I remember one day I went to my aunts and she had a skirt she bought from Old Navy and I loved it!  Well one day I happened to go to the thrift store a few days later and found that same skirt for $3! Can we say lucky!?   What are some of your Lucky finds at the thrift store?


Outfit details: Top-free, Skirt-$3, Booties-$5, Earrings-gifted, Bracelet-$3


14 thoughts on “Lucky Duck

  1. I literally live at thrift stores! I started going about 4 years ago and I practically go once a week! I think the idea of wearing someone else’s story is so cool and a lot of the times you can find so many cute vintage and modern pieces. Also, that outfit is everything!! You look like a million bucks.


  2. I use the thrift store to find items for dance and skit costumes. Never know what you will find! One year, we did a number about ugly Christmas sweaters, and I found awesomely awful tops for several teammates!


  3. You look lovely! I don’t usually find much for me clothes-wise in charity shops (what we call them here in the UK) but all of my going out outfits I get secondhand on ebay and sell on straight away. My last outfit out was brand new with tags…for £3 (including postage). No-way am I paying £50 for an outfit!


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