Its a photo shoot!





Lights, Camera, Action! I love taking photos! I think most of us can agree with that. With the technology we have days now we can take numerous pictures and edit them; but taking professional photos is always a plus especially when you are blogger!

Well to get ready for a great photo shoot we have to of course pick the right outfit. As a fashionista I want and aim to look my best daily.  Most times I look in my closet and say I have nothing to wear with a million clothing pieces looking back at me, lol. I’m sure some of my clothes are screaming ‘Wear Me!’

Normally with leopard print some people wear red accessories to compliment. I actually chose the opposite at the last minute, PINK! I was little nervous as to how the pictures would turn out but I think the background bought the outfit together, with a pop of color. The photographer also knew what he was doing and we had fun with this photo shoot!

Styling the right pieces is key to how your outfit will turn out. Some times you have to go against the traditional and wear what you feel even if it seems a little weird. Step out of your comfort zone and explore patterns with solids. My goal one day is to be able to style others for their photo shoots, engagement photos and just every day wear. It starts with me to show others what I can do with just a few items of clothing. You never know who is watching you, so dress to impress!


OOTD-Shoes-$6 Shirt-$6 Skirt-$7


photo cred: Chris Cheek


28 thoughts on “Its a photo shoot!

  1. really cute outfit. Wow @ only $19 spent. I’m not a huge fan of taking my photo, but I had a lot of fun taking pics for my friend’s wedding recently.


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