Creative Cover-ups







Ready for the beach? I am! Here we have pieces that can be worn in multiple ways.  I love a good cover-up piece, especially sheer in the summer to allow your skin to breathe and not have you hot and muggy. No time for sweating out your hair and having wet armpits, way to cute for that!  These pieces can also be worn at the beach over your bathing suit or at a pool party event just to add a little spark to your bathing suit and don’t forget your heels!  The prints of these cover-ups remind you of the summer showing bright colors that are light and refreshing.  The palm trees stand out and reminds you of Miami! My idea for wearing these cover-ups would be over a white tank with a great pair or regular wash jeans and a nude pump. However you could definitely wear them with all white and a simple flip flop to let the colors stand out and grab all the attention. If you’re really creative and since the cover-ups are sheer you could also wear them as a head-wrap or scarf to accessorize your  look.  How would you wear your cover-up?


You can purchase from the link below, grab them before they’re gone!


Fashion Friday – 7/8/16 – Kimonos starting at $12.95 + FREE SHIPPING w/code BEACHCOVER.


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