The Reunion!

July is the month for Fireworks, cookouts, going to the beach and having family reunions. It seems common for people to have their family gatherings in this month.  My mothers side of the family gathered recently in my hometown which I attended. It was good seeing family I knew and hadn’t seen in a while and seeing a few unfamiliar faces and learning who they are. The famous question I always here is “how old are you?” Never fails lol.

What I learned from this reunion:

  • Life- You never know when you will see family again life is short. I had a great aunt to pass in May and it did feel a little weird that she wasn’t there. Never take for granted that you will always see someone for the next reunion.
  • Positive vibes only- Family that you aren’t that close to or keep in touch with often are the more supportive ones. Everyone is rooting for you and points out the positive things you have accomplished. The family I am a little closer to(grew up with) still on my mothers side sometimes never see the good you do always the bad.
  • Reconnection: And last I’ve tried to reconnect more with my fathers and see them more often. Texting them, talking on Facebook and even phone calls at times. Since the reunion I’ve also added the cousins I didn’t know about on my mothers side as well. Never know when you’re out of town  visiting and need a place to crash, but it’ll be a chance to get to know one another as well.

The reunion was great and I learned who was who and how we are related. Reunions are a great way to learn a little about your history too.  I love my family I grew  up with but definitely want to get to know the distant family!


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23 thoughts on “The Reunion!

  1. Loved reading your post. I agree that sometimes the people who are not closest are there for you more often than the ones who are near.

    I have distant myself from most of my family because they themselves wanted it that way.

    Who knows maybe someday we will be together again.


  2. Reunions are so much fun. It’s been years since I’ve been to mine, but your right life is short and it’s good to see and catch up with loved ones.


  3. 100% so true.
    I live in Tenerife & all my family are in England, so spending 1:1 time is difficult. But it is true that you never know what is around the corner, so I try to phone them as much as possible.

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  4. I’ve actually never been to an official family reunion. My family is pretty small so I guess when we all get together it’s like our reunion 🙂 But I agree, family time is so important to cherish your loved ones while they are still here.


  5. Reunions are so necessary and also a reminder that life is short. Im heading to visit family today and I’m going to cherish every moment of it.


  6. I always enjoy family reunions, I know my immediate family for sure. I have a lot of older relatives that I don’t know. I also take the time to listen to some family stories, you can hear some really juicy ones sometimes.


  7. We haven’t had a family reunion in ages. This is definitely something I would like to start back with when my husband and I have little ones. It looks like you guys had a great time.



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