Sunday’s Best


Down in the South its tradition to go to church. As a preacher’s kid I was always in church Sunday although I didn’t want to be, lol. As I  became older I realized going to church was apart of me. Church helps me to come to myself and realize somethings about myself that I should work on, almost like a therapy session.  I love music! All types! Music helps the soul. Songs sung in church often touch me and touches my heart. The music is therapy for my soul as well.



I don’t go to church to put on a show but I was always taught to dress my best. My parents always made sure we had nice Sunday clothes for church. I remember wearing frilly dresses and those lace socks with the black flats that buckled! Was that just me or did anyone else wear those?




As a matured young lady my attire has most definitely changed. Heels with a cute purse and a nice dress. Sometimes I have a tendency to wear the same shoes which most times are black because that’s what I’m comfortable wearing and its quick when you’re rushing, but this Sunday I made myself step out of my comfort zone and wear something different. I’ve only worn these shoes twice in 3 years!  If you make time to really put an outfit together you would be amazed at all the options you come up with. One pair of shoes can create a zillion outfits. Have fun and see what you come up with!




Dress-$15   Shoes-$15( Shoe Dazzle)


9 thoughts on “Sunday’s Best

  1. I like to be comfortable in church. I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but if there’s a special night or occasion, I’d dress up. Your outfit looks cute


  2. Growing up we wore our “Sunday’s Best” without question. Church was the only place we got all dressed up for. I wore patent leather shoes, and I could wear my hair out if it was pressed and then curled.

    To this day when I got to church I get dressed because that is the tradition and I love it.


  3. When I get dressed everyday, I pull out my shoes first, then find something to wear. Backwards, right?? I know!! But I can’t help it. I’m a shoe fanatic and an accessories junkie. My clothes may be basic from a thrift store but my accessories are poppin’!


    1. Lol we all have our own way, I should probably try that process. I get my outfit first then shoes but in order to where all of my shoes I should pull them out first and then follow with clothes!


  4. We used to get dressed to the nines too for church. These days I wear pants and a blouse and call it a day. I used to dress the kids to the nines. The oldest three it was fine, but now things are so casual that my youngest is the odd man out, so I just send him in nice shorts and a tee, or a button down shirt. I actually miss dressing up. The shoes are nice, and so is the whole look, that you have on with the purple dress. Love the retro shot too. 🙂


  5. When we were kids, we always dressed up for church. Now a days, it seems that is becoming a lost art. We need to find a church in our area, and I intend on continuing the tradition from when we were kids. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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