Making History!


I hated History class with a passion, didn’t interest me at all. Completed the course enough to get a passing grade. I never new why History would help me with gaining a job. However as I grew older I became more interested in learning about History how it affects us now days.

The laws have drastically changed since my parents were born until now in our modern day time. Years ago women had little say so in things that would effect the world. Women were not able to express themselves as we are today.



Adjusting from not speaking our mind or being seen in public to possibly having a female President is a huge leap! It’s so awesome how we have evolved as women, more freedom of speech, having our own businesses and even having positions in well known companies.


The female species are powerful and creative. We know what we want and strive to achieve those goals. We speak our minds until we are heard and given equal opportunity. It’s only fair that we do “Make History” for our future sisters, daughters, granddaughters to follow in our footsteps! My future goals are to be great at being a entrepreneur, God fearing woman that others look up to!  How would you Make History!?




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33 thoughts on “Making History!

  1. The necklaces are gorgeous! A stunning piece to match stunning history! We continue to accomplish so much as women, even with so much adversity!


  2. History is so important. When I was in school I learned it for the test only. But with everything going on in the world, those lessons play an important role in our lives. Add the fact of my kids love of history, I have to be on my toes. Lol. Cute outfit too.

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  3. I loved history…but only about the people. I never could, and still can’t, remember dates.I particularly like my state’s history and my family history. I do like the necklaces, too.


  4. What fun necklaces! I love the idea of a “make history” one! I agree with Stephanie, they would make great gifts!


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