Princess for a Day!


Have you ever gotten dressed and felt like you were the Ish that day? That’s almost everyday for me, lol.  Getting dressed shouldn’t be a task it should be fun! I love playing dress up and looking and feeling like a Million Dollars!


This past Labor Day weekend was very low key, no trips or anything but I was out the house every day! The weather was nice and everyone was off so of course I wanted to look my best.


On Monday Labor Day I decided to look extra special meeting up for dinner and movie.  I went for a cute summer dress with flip flops and some accessories to compliment the dress. The kicker is is I only paid $8bucks for my dress online a few months ago on Amazon! Its not what you wear its How you wear it! Make a statement, be bold!








26 thoughts on “Princess for a Day!

  1. I definitely feel you about how it’s not what you wear but how you wear it! I always love putting different looks together.



  2. I’m all about the bargains too! That dress looks great on you and the colour looks good on you too!


  3. At a certain point, I just stopped caring what others thought and started wearing what I liked. That has led to my new nickname, Tutu. I love wearing tutus, I feel damn fabulous in them, and it is an instant mood booster and conversation piece. Cheers to you feeling like a princess today and any day!

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  4. Green is my favorite color, and I love that dress. You are so right. There’s nothing like a bargain that looks like a million bucks.


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