Night in the QC


It’s going down in the QC! Food, drinks, new city and just having fun! I’m not too much of a night owl like I used to be in my youthful days but stepping out once in a while is always nice to do especially when its a change from you normal surroundings.

I hadn’t been to Charlotte in the past 3 years which is shameful since I live about 2.5 hours away, but I don’t like driving! I hate driving lol. And this trip I still didn’t drive, luckily I have a friend that works at the airport.


Of course I had to pack accordingly for traveling and having a carry on, so a few sundresses a pair of jeans and heels and flip flops with cute tops and a skirt. I’ve always been a neat and organized packer so I knew I had to make my outfits work around the shoes I bought. I think most females can relate when I say some of us may take about 30 bags sometimes for just a weekend!  Learning to downsize and pack lightly was a challenge but I think I mastered it! I had fun and was able to feel  and look sexy and comfortable on my weekend getaway!

How do you organize your clothing items for travel?



Skirt-$8 (Plato’s Closet)





10 thoughts on “Night in the QC

  1. I always try to pack in a color scheme since I don’t check bags. That along with rolling my clothes and keeping shoes / bags to a minimum, it always works out.


  2. Awesome, my in-laws are in the QC! We try to pack a variety of stuff for whatever might come up when we go down there. I hear you about life slowing down a bit. It can be more fun when going out on the town is a change of pace, right?


  3. I definitely used to be the type of girl who would take too many bags for a trip. I love that you’ve scaled down and only packed the things you really think you’re going to use. I hope the trip is a blast and your outfit is super cute!!!

    Danielle |


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