Health and Beauty Tips


Having flawless and clear skin is something we all want. As adult women we sometimes find that a little difficult. Hormones start getting out of wack and eating those fries followed by a milkshake doesn’t help. Once we can manage what we eat then we can work on the outside to have the Summer Glow!

Some are born with perfect skin (it seems like) and some of us have the problem skin. I suffer from the acne prone skin and bruise easily. Its hard to get rid of dark marks sometimes after the acne or the scratch is gone it leaves a reminder that takes longer to heal.

Drinking water can help from the inside clearing out the toxins that can cause acne which leads to blemishes. Also eating healthy fruits and veggies high in vitamin C helps with clearing skin as well.

We still have to do our part on the outside to keep our skin bright as well. For about a month or so now I’ve been using Raw Ivory Shea Butter on my skin to clear it. It comes in a hard form but melts once you begin to rub it in. I’ve noticed it has helped with keeping my skin healthy and bright. I mainly use it at night when I’m going to bed as it does get a little greasy. As soon as I’m out the shower with wet skin I rub it in all over, this helps to lock in the moisture.  Using all natural products on your skin seems to help with clearing it and locking in moisture for softness.  Try it out and let me know what you think!

P.S. here is the link to purchase from Amazon!




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