Eagle Pride!


Homecoming is a time of remembering staying in the dorms, meeting new people from all walks of life and the crazy things we did in college as youngsters! Its always good to see classmates and roommates, how they have changed and accomplished things.


Tailgating has always been my thing, food drinks and good times! I love seeing everyone come together. Mixing and mingling was great to do. Walking across campus is task in itself! Of course some people you see some people only during this time of year so you want to look your best for yourself first but to others, especially those old flings that missed out on you, LOL.


I was going for a Fall look that was comfortable but also something stylish. Flats were a must with all the walking I had to do and my handy-dandy cross-body bag to keep my essentials.  The pieces initially did not match in my eyes but I thought what the Hey, why not?! Who’s matching these days!?


Boots-$13 Jeans-$13 Shirt-$4 Cross-body bag-$9



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Princess for a Day!


Have you ever gotten dressed and felt like you were the Ish that day? That’s almost everyday for me, lol.  Getting dressed shouldn’t be a task it should be fun! I love playing dress up and looking and feeling like a Million Dollars!


This past Labor Day weekend was very low key, no trips or anything but I was out the house every day! The weather was nice and everyone was off so of course I wanted to look my best.


On Monday Labor Day I decided to look extra special meeting up for dinner and movie.  I went for a cute summer dress with flip flops and some accessories to compliment the dress. The kicker is is I only paid $8bucks for my dress online a few months ago on Amazon! Its not what you wear its How you wear it! Make a statement, be bold!







Making History!


I hated History class with a passion, didn’t interest me at all. Completed the course enough to get a passing grade. I never new why History would help me with gaining a job. However as I grew older I became more interested in learning about History how it affects us now days.

The laws have drastically changed since my parents were born until now in our modern day time. Years ago women had little say so in things that would effect the world. Women were not able to express themselves as we are today.



Adjusting from not speaking our mind or being seen in public to possibly having a female President is a huge leap! It’s so awesome how we have evolved as women, more freedom of speech, having our own businesses and even having positions in well known companies.


The female species are powerful and creative. We know what we want and strive to achieve those goals. We speak our minds until we are heard and given equal opportunity. It’s only fair that we do “Make History” for our future sisters, daughters, granddaughters to follow in our footsteps! My future goals are to be great at being a entrepreneur, God fearing woman that others look up to!  How would you Make History!?




Shoes-$7  Jeans- $3 Top-$8


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Everyone has their days, in a slump, just not wanting to get the day started. Sometimes people may dress the way they feel. Wearing an outfit without much thought or effort can probably dictate your day.


Clothes can say a lot about a person without them even opening their mouth! How you dress can tell what you think of yourself and how you want others to perceive you. On rainy days I like to wear a pair of jeans and some sneakers or ankle boots depending on the season, to avoid too much water splashing on my feet and legs. I can’t stand rain water, makes me feel yucky! Rainy days kind of make me feel gloomy and I think at times my outfit reflects that.


During warm sunny days I love wearing cute sundresses and skirts with some flip-flops or heeled sandals. The sun invites you to wear bright and vibrant colors. Bright colors have taken over my closet. They speak volumes.


Any outfit you wear in any season you should always feel Beautiful! If you feel yourself feeling a little gloomy wear your favorite outfit and  remind yourself you are beautifully made!




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Handbag- Shoe Dazzle($39)

Strap Sandal-$6

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As a girly girl I have to have certain things to complete my outfits. You have basics to create your outfit that you absolutely need.  Sometimes you walk out the house and know you’re forgetting something, hmm, what is it? Earrings, clutch bag, bracelet, scarf one those!  I hate reaching my destination and realizing I forgot my earrings, it kinda irks me for the rest of the night. Makes me feel my outfit is a little incomplete, lol.

Earrings are something that can be outlandish or chill. Normally I would wear huge ear-bobs like my grandma will call them! Huge says dramatic and attention grabber to me and I was always asked where I bought them. The beauty supply has the cutest earrings in really large sizes for $1-$2! As I’m getting a little more mature I find myself reaching for the more smaller dangle earrings or a nice pair of studs. The smaller ones seem to scream laid back, maybe elegant and  sparkles will definitely catch my eye every time.

Leggings can be worn all year long( the regular ones). They are my go to during the summer when I’m going to the grocery store or going walking. Comfortable and easy to put on is how I would describe them. In the winter I wear them layered with jeans or I wear them alone with some boots to stay warm. A pair of leggings with some knee high boots,a sweater and a cute scarf, those are basics for me! I love a cute scarf in the winter to bring out the outfit. Even in the summer the a light scarf can be worn as wrap or in the place of a necklace.You can also find scarves at good deals at the thrift stores. I own tons and need to wear them more often!



What are your basics?


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Sunday’s Best


Down in the South its tradition to go to church. As a preacher’s kid I was always in church Sunday although I didn’t want to be, lol. As I  became older I realized going to church was apart of me. Church helps me to come to myself and realize somethings about myself that I should work on, almost like a therapy session.  I love music! All types! Music helps the soul. Songs sung in church often touch me and touches my heart. The music is therapy for my soul as well.



I don’t go to church to put on a show but I was always taught to dress my best. My parents always made sure we had nice Sunday clothes for church. I remember wearing frilly dresses and those lace socks with the black flats that buckled! Was that just me or did anyone else wear those?




As a matured young lady my attire has most definitely changed. Heels with a cute purse and a nice dress. Sometimes I have a tendency to wear the same shoes which most times are black because that’s what I’m comfortable wearing and its quick when you’re rushing, but this Sunday I made myself step out of my comfort zone and wear something different. I’ve only worn these shoes twice in 3 years!  If you make time to really put an outfit together you would be amazed at all the options you come up with. One pair of shoes can create a zillion outfits. Have fun and see what you come up with!




Dress-$15   Shoes-$15( Shoe Dazzle)

The Tar Heel State!




There’s no place like Home, There’s no place like home” the famous words of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz but I’m not speaking of the state of Kansas but the infamous NC. I love my home state!  Good eats, home of the Tar Heels  Nothing like going home to a good ole home cooked meal. Fresh home made biscuits with molasses and a side of fresh brewed home made tea, with just the right amount of sugar.



Born and raised I’m still a native to NC but moved 2 hours away from my home town I went to pursue my bachelors and experience the college life  Every time I was asked where are you from and I responded I was given a puzzled look. I had to give them the next biggest town in order for them to understand what side of the map I’m from LOL. But no matter where I am state or country I’m always very Proud to say I’m reppin NC! NC stand up!  Yes we’re  country  we have a southern accent and put sugar in our grits but it does not make me ashamed but embrace my Southern mentality. Very grateful I grew up in the South it made me who I am, a Southern gal who is prim and proper with a side of spice!



OOTD-Skirt $6 Top $7 Flip Flops $5


Although I’m not a big sports fan I’ll always support NC against the other team. NC is known for the NC Panthers that made it to the Super Bowl this year amongst a few other natives who has made it to the  NFL and NBA. NC also has great scenery from the Great Smoky mountains to the Outer Banks beaches. If you’re ever visiting or need a vacation stop by our great old state of NC and see what the hype is about! Wearing my state’s necklace with pride! What do you love about your home state?



Although I’m not a big sports fan I’ll always support NC against the other team. NC is known for the NC Panthers that made it to the Super Bowl this year amongst a few other natives who has made it to the  NFL and NBA. NC also has great scenery from the Great Smoky mountains to the Outer Banks beaches. If you’re ever visiting or need a vacation stop by our great old state of NC and see what the hype is about! Wearing my state’s necklace with pride! What do you love about your home state?





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Creative Cover-ups







Ready for the beach? I am! Here we have pieces that can be worn in multiple ways.  I love a good cover-up piece, especially sheer in the summer to allow your skin to breathe and not have you hot and muggy. No time for sweating out your hair and having wet armpits, way to cute for that!  These pieces can also be worn at the beach over your bathing suit or at a pool party event just to add a little spark to your bathing suit and don’t forget your heels!  The prints of these cover-ups remind you of the summer showing bright colors that are light and refreshing.  The palm trees stand out and reminds you of Miami! My idea for wearing these cover-ups would be over a white tank with a great pair or regular wash jeans and a nude pump. However you could definitely wear them with all white and a simple flip flop to let the colors stand out and grab all the attention. If you’re really creative and since the cover-ups are sheer you could also wear them as a head-wrap or scarf to accessorize your  look.  How would you wear your cover-up?


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