Where are you Spring?! Still feels like Fall-ish weather, warm with a breeze. So I decided to wear an outfit that matches the weather. Black with a pop of Pink! The dress was cool although it was black, the shoes gave it the Spring look.



Wearing a dark colored outfit with pop accessories always makes the outfit. Being that it was black any color would bring out the outfit. The dress was simple with a touch of class and would you believe it was free?? My aunt gifted the dress to me! The shoes and clutch came from the same store months apart but matched perfectly and waiting to be worn at the right time.



My philosophy is it doesn’t have to be expensive to be classy and chic!




The total outfit was $20!




Beauty was a Beast

I’ve always been a girlie girl, no doubt about that! I love dressing up and feeling like a million dollars. Looking like a a million dollars is always the goal but you definitely don’t have to spend a million dollars for any look!


Being invited to an formal gala a week before made me feel a little anxious but I knew I could pull it off. I just simply had to grind and be in Beast Mode! The look I was going for was to be sexy yet classy, no cleavage and not too much skin showing. Being in a room with an older crowd I didn’t want to portray the wrong image as this was my first time at this particular event and meeting new folk of prestige.


Well believe it or not I pulled off this entire look for about $30! (check below for prices) Sometimes formal dresses can be a little out of budget especially when we wear them only once for special occasions such as weddings or galas! I did not want to pay that much for one night! I ended up finding a dress online from a lady who had only worn it twice and it was the perfect fit, not too tight and not too big.  The shoes and clutch bag were items I already owned but at good prices!



Be Confident, Be you! Dress tastefully and with class while staying true to yourself!

dress- $10



Princess for a Day!


Have you ever gotten dressed and felt like you were the Ish that day? That’s almost everyday for me, lol.  Getting dressed shouldn’t be a task it should be fun! I love playing dress up and looking and feeling like a Million Dollars!


This past Labor Day weekend was very low key, no trips or anything but I was out the house every day! The weather was nice and everyone was off so of course I wanted to look my best.


On Monday Labor Day I decided to look extra special meeting up for dinner and movie.  I went for a cute summer dress with flip flops and some accessories to compliment the dress. The kicker is is I only paid $8bucks for my dress online a few months ago on Amazon! Its not what you wear its How you wear it! Make a statement, be bold!







Sunday’s Best


Down in the South its tradition to go to church. As a preacher’s kid I was always in church Sunday although I didn’t want to be, lol. As I  became older I realized going to church was apart of me. Church helps me to come to myself and realize somethings about myself that I should work on, almost like a therapy session.  I love music! All types! Music helps the soul. Songs sung in church often touch me and touches my heart. The music is therapy for my soul as well.



I don’t go to church to put on a show but I was always taught to dress my best. My parents always made sure we had nice Sunday clothes for church. I remember wearing frilly dresses and those lace socks with the black flats that buckled! Was that just me or did anyone else wear those?




As a matured young lady my attire has most definitely changed. Heels with a cute purse and a nice dress. Sometimes I have a tendency to wear the same shoes which most times are black because that’s what I’m comfortable wearing and its quick when you’re rushing, but this Sunday I made myself step out of my comfort zone and wear something different. I’ve only worn these shoes twice in 3 years!  If you make time to really put an outfit together you would be amazed at all the options you come up with. One pair of shoes can create a zillion outfits. Have fun and see what you come up with!




Dress-$15   Shoes-$15( Shoe Dazzle)

The Reunion!

July is the month for Fireworks, cookouts, going to the beach and having family reunions. It seems common for people to have their family gatherings in this month.  My mothers side of the family gathered recently in my hometown which I attended. It was good seeing family I knew and hadn’t seen in a while and seeing a few unfamiliar faces and learning who they are. The famous question I always here is “how old are you?” Never fails lol.

What I learned from this reunion:

  • Life- You never know when you will see family again life is short. I had a great aunt to pass in May and it did feel a little weird that she wasn’t there. Never take for granted that you will always see someone for the next reunion.
  • Positive vibes only- Family that you aren’t that close to or keep in touch with often are the more supportive ones. Everyone is rooting for you and points out the positive things you have accomplished. The family I am a little closer to(grew up with) still on my mothers side sometimes never see the good you do always the bad.
  • Reconnection: And last I’ve tried to reconnect more with my fathers and see them more often. Texting them, talking on Facebook and even phone calls at times. Since the reunion I’ve also added the cousins I didn’t know about on my mothers side as well. Never know when you’re out of town  visiting and need a place to crash, but it’ll be a chance to get to know one another as well.

The reunion was great and I learned who was who and how we are related. Reunions are a great way to learn a little about your history too.  I love my family I grew  up with but definitely want to get to know the distant family!


Dress-$10 (plato’s closet)

Breezy on a Saturday Morning!

FullSizeRender (2)

Beautiful sunny weather means its Sundress season! Especially on a hot sunny day, wearing a sundress is mandatory! Sundresses make the summer months bare-able,in North Carolina this heat is very disrespectful! I don’t see how some wear pants in this heat.

I love to feel cool and comfortable while out in the heat. For Father’s day weekend I went to visit my parents. Of course I bought a sundress with me to wear, but also shopped around for a few sundresses. Plato’s closet had tons of sundresses! You can never have enough of them! Plato’s is a secondhand store that purchases and sells used clothing items but more on the name brand side for some items.  Most of their sundresses were $10-$12! Can’t beat those prices.

I sometimes prefer solid colors which allows me to switch to shoes and different color cover-ups with them in cool places like restaurants or work. I do however own a few pattern sundresses. Sundresses can also be worn during the early Fall months. In the Fall I wear more jackets or cover-ups with my sundresses when its still a little warm during the day but chilly at night or in the morning.


How do you wear your sundresses?


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FYI-The sundress I am wearing was FREE! My sisters sundress was found at a thrift store for $4!

Here Comes the Bride!

Ladies it’s almost that time of year again! Someone is getting married whether it’s you, friend, coworker or sister you may find yourself shopping for either a formal dress or a wedding dress soon!

So where can you find a nice,cheap dress to your liking? The thrift store! Yes it’s true you can. If you are open to wearing a previously owned wedding gown there are quite a few in the thrift stores and Good Will stores in your local area.  This past weekend I went to a few thrift stores and the Salvation Army and saw a repetitive theme of formal dresses and wedding gowns. I was surprised but then  I also thought to myself it is wedding season and some bridesmaids are donating their dresses as well as brides.  A few tips for picking out your dream dress:


  • Be open- if you are planning to save money on your big day, finding a dress you like at the thrift store may be an option. It may not be the exact dress you pictured but maybe it could be altered or enhanced to what you desire. Also some formal dresses can be worn as a wedding dress in ivory or cream and remember accessories bring any dress together!
  • Shop around- Look at multiple stores. You can check in your area but check other stores if you are out of town. Also check for stores in wealthy neighborhoods, most times they carry really elegant items!
  • Get opinions- in this instance you may want to take 1-2 friends/family that will be honest with you. Maybe someone who is also into thrift shopping and understands saving money. They can help you decide which dresses would be worth purchasing and how to alter the dress to your desire. You could even ask other customers in the store and take pics to send to friends and family for feedback!

     If your goal is to save money and you aren’t stuck on purchasing an $800 dress for one day then going to a Good Will is a good option. The same goes for purchasing a formal dress for a wedding or special event. Why spend that much when you can spend $50 and possibly resell it or donate it again!