Beauty was a Beast

I’ve always been a girlie girl, no doubt about that! I love dressing up and feeling like a million dollars. Looking like a a million dollars is always the goal but you definitely don’t have to spend a million dollars for any look!


Being invited to an formal gala a week before made me feel a little anxious but I knew I could pull it off. I just simply had to grind and be in Beast Mode! The look I was going for was to be sexy yet classy, no cleavage and not too much skin showing. Being in a room with an older crowd I didn’t want to portray the wrong image as this was my first time at this particular event and meeting new folk of prestige.


Well believe it or not I pulled off this entire look for about $30! (check below for prices) Sometimes formal dresses can be a little out of budget especially when we wear them only once for special occasions such as weddings or galas! I did not want to pay that much for one night! I ended up finding a dress online from a lady who had only worn it twice and it was the perfect fit, not too tight and not too big.  The shoes and clutch bag were items I already owned but at good prices!



Be Confident, Be you! Dress tastefully and with class while staying true to yourself!

dress- $10



Know Thy Style

Have you ever seen someone and they are wearing clothes that completely does not compliment them? Hand raised high, Yes! It  just makes me want to do a makeover on the spot.  Just because they make it in your size doesn’t mean you are required to wear it.  So many people wear clothes just because its their size or maybe the price was reasonable but if it doesn’t flatter them in any way than I say stay away from it. Now that’s not to say you have to buy expensive clothes to look your best. Of course you can find cheap clothes that makes a statement about who you are.

Know your taste in clothes; do you like a more casual look? Wearing heels every day?  Whatever it is just be sure you are comfortable but dressed in a way that expresses who you are a person.  And your style can be so many looks depending on the occasion or your mood. For instance Michelle Obama has had many looks we all love and adore! But of course if she is visiting a school she’s not going to wear her formal dresses right, and vice versa. However her style no matter what she wears seems to fit her body type and says who she is in a nutshell. Although her clothes may be a tad more expensive if you like her style give your local thrift store a try, I’m sure you can find a basic t-shirt jeans and sneakers similar. Give it a try!





Here Comes the Bride!

Ladies it’s almost that time of year again! Someone is getting married whether it’s you, friend, coworker or sister you may find yourself shopping for either a formal dress or a wedding dress soon!

So where can you find a nice,cheap dress to your liking? The thrift store! Yes it’s true you can. If you are open to wearing a previously owned wedding gown there are quite a few in the thrift stores and Good Will stores in your local area.  This past weekend I went to a few thrift stores and the Salvation Army and saw a repetitive theme of formal dresses and wedding gowns. I was surprised but then  I also thought to myself it is wedding season and some bridesmaids are donating their dresses as well as brides.  A few tips for picking out your dream dress:


  • Be open- if you are planning to save money on your big day, finding a dress you like at the thrift store may be an option. It may not be the exact dress you pictured but maybe it could be altered or enhanced to what you desire. Also some formal dresses can be worn as a wedding dress in ivory or cream and remember accessories bring any dress together!
  • Shop around- Look at multiple stores. You can check in your area but check other stores if you are out of town. Also check for stores in wealthy neighborhoods, most times they carry really elegant items!
  • Get opinions- in this instance you may want to take 1-2 friends/family that will be honest with you. Maybe someone who is also into thrift shopping and understands saving money. They can help you decide which dresses would be worth purchasing and how to alter the dress to your desire. You could even ask other customers in the store and take pics to send to friends and family for feedback!

     If your goal is to save money and you aren’t stuck on purchasing an $800 dress for one day then going to a Good Will is a good option. The same goes for purchasing a formal dress for a wedding or special event. Why spend that much when you can spend $50 and possibly resell it or donate it again!