To wear or not to wear?

We all have those go to shoes or outfits we love, its a staple and we know how its going to look without spending too much time.  Some shoes can go with any outfit, especially if its a neutral and just sets the entire outfit.


But is there a such thing as seasonal shoes as there is seasonal clothes?  Should suede heels or ankle peep toe booties be worn during warm months? The way some of these shoes are made kind of makes you wonder if the shoes are confused. A peep toe boot or bootie? A suede peep toe pump?  Can you wear suede boots in the summer?  I myself try not to think too much into the  whether or not its for summer or winter, fall or spring.


Personally I feel a suede pump that goes great with that summer dress should be worn if its comfortable and appropriate for the event. Quite sure no one will stop you and say Hey those are suede you only wear those when its cool! I’ve actually saw someone wearing a pair of tan suede boots with a skirt and top not to long ago. She was confident and apparently comfortable despite the heat. Comfort is key Bottom line is if you want to wear those ankle boots or booties whether peep toe or knee high, its your perogative!





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Where are you Spring?! Still feels like Fall-ish weather, warm with a breeze. So I decided to wear an outfit that matches the weather. Black with a pop of Pink! The dress was cool although it was black, the shoes gave it the Spring look.



Wearing a dark colored outfit with pop accessories always makes the outfit. Being that it was black any color would bring out the outfit. The dress was simple with a touch of class and would you believe it was free?? My aunt gifted the dress to me! The shoes and clutch came from the same store months apart but matched perfectly and waiting to be worn at the right time.



My philosophy is it doesn’t have to be expensive to be classy and chic!




The total outfit was $20!




Sunday’s Best


Down in the South its tradition to go to church. As a preacher’s kid I was always in church Sunday although I didn’t want to be, lol. As I  became older I realized going to church was apart of me. Church helps me to come to myself and realize somethings about myself that I should work on, almost like a therapy session.  I love music! All types! Music helps the soul. Songs sung in church often touch me and touches my heart. The music is therapy for my soul as well.



I don’t go to church to put on a show but I was always taught to dress my best. My parents always made sure we had nice Sunday clothes for church. I remember wearing frilly dresses and those lace socks with the black flats that buckled! Was that just me or did anyone else wear those?




As a matured young lady my attire has most definitely changed. Heels with a cute purse and a nice dress. Sometimes I have a tendency to wear the same shoes which most times are black because that’s what I’m comfortable wearing and its quick when you’re rushing, but this Sunday I made myself step out of my comfort zone and wear something different. I’ve only worn these shoes twice in 3 years!  If you make time to really put an outfit together you would be amazed at all the options you come up with. One pair of shoes can create a zillion outfits. Have fun and see what you come up with!




Dress-$15   Shoes-$15( Shoe Dazzle)